Coronavirus Update and Resources

UPDATED 3/24/20 1:20 P.M.

Plan for Countryside Bible Church during the Covid-19 Emergency from the Elders:

The Federal and State government are asking that all meetings be limited to 10 or less people for public and for churches, including funerals and weddings. This will affect our services, Bible studies, youth meetings, and AWANA. As of today, we will suspend all church activities for 2 weeks in accordance with current CDC guidelines. This is a fluid situation, we ask that you pray for as leaders and for those who lead our local, state, and federal government. 


We are not surprised by the fiery trials that will assail us, we expect them. (1 Pe. 4:12) and we know ‘We know that for those who love God all things work together for good, to those who are called according to His purpose.” (Rom. 8:28)


Church Gatherings

- Sunday Morning Worship will be Live-Streamed at 10:15. We encourage you to watch at home. Sing along with Thomas while he leads us. There will be announcements and Scripture, followed by the message. We encourage you to treat this as your church worship service at home. Dress like you are going to church and treat this with reverence.   


- The Wednesday Night Bible study will also be live streamed beginning at 6:30 each Wednesday. We will take break from Ecclesiastes and have a study in the Psalms. 

- If you have any issues livestreaming or need help setting it up on your device, please watch this video HERE. If you need additional help or have any issues please contact Bill Collett or Abe Freeman, before the services begin.

Body Life

- Pastors Rod and Abe will be in prayer each day for the church. We will plan for prayer partners who will join us each for prayer. The volunteers will receive prayer requests from our body and join us in prayer.  


- We plan to send out a verse for the day and other daily devotions from the pastoral staff and elders. We are grateful to have heard from so many of you who are reaching out to one another and encouraging each other. Please continue to do so over the next two weeks. Even though there is some distance between us, we are blessed to have technology that enables us to encourage one another and pray together.


- Each Bible Fellowship class will communicate with the class members concerning the lessons taught normally on Sunday morning.


- The expenses of the church continue daily and without regular gatherings we made a new method of giving available. There are 3 ways to give your offerings:

    1) Through the mail

    2) Through your online banking

    3) Online giving is now available HERE.


Caring for One Another

- The Women’s Ministry Team are organized and set up ready to go. If there is a need for anyone in the congregation for a meal, grocery shopping, or childcare. The ladies of the church are set up to help anyone in need in these needs. Please contact Brooke Friesen, Liz Friesen, or Faith Goertzen if you have questions or need help. 


- Please pray for us as elders; pray for wisdom and grace as we evaluate and make decisions over the coming days and weeks. Pastors Rod and Abe will continue to have office hours and be available for visitation. Please contact any of us if we can serve, help, or care for you in any way.


Resources For Time at Home


- Grace to You sermons and articles

- "Thinking Christianly about the Coronavirus"

- Catch up on past CBC Sermons

-"The Holiness of God" Video series from Ligonier

- Bible Reading Plans

- Shepherd's Conference 2020 and previous years

     Rod and I listened to "In the Beginning" by Abner Chou together and were blessed and encouraged by this wonderful, clear teaching on Creation. We would highly recommend watching the videos or listening to the audio from these sessions!

Sunday School Resources

- Ryan's 1 Corinthians Class

In Christ,

 CBC Elders